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LATO s.a has been experienced since 1971 as a manufacturer of hot water solar systems , certified as iso-9001:2015 and Solar Keymark. Having built an organization around making sun power a more efficient resource, we are recognized as pioneers in Solar Water Heaters in the Greek marketplace. We build solutions for both residential and commercial customers that correspond with their needs while helping to contribute to a cleaner environment.Our reach extends beyond Greece, with major clients around Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, and Asia. Our mission is to bring renewable green technology and cost saving resources to customers all over the world, while establishing a cleaner environment to impact our global population. The company is committed to developing and manufacturing innovative solutions, products and services for current and future partners, and customers all over the world.


Thermosiphon systems

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Thermosiphon tanks

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Central heating tanks

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Solar heater collectors

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Electric water heaters

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